My plan for Florida (Planning) 

22  Novembre 2019

What’ zuuup ! Florida, I am here ! Cela faisait depuis un moment que j’avais envie de partir au USA, ce voyage me faisait rêver... Et dans quelques heures que je m’envole au pays du soleil ! 


J’avais prévu ça il y a 1 mois, car on m’avait proposé de partir au CME Group pour couvrir le dernier tournoi féminin LPGA de l’année , et j’en ai profité pour rester une semaine de plus pour fêter thanksgiving en Floride ! Mon premier thanksgiving !


What’ zuuup ! Florida, I am here ! That was a long time ago I want to go to the States, this trip make me dreaming ... Well, I flight in a few hours in the sunny states ! 

I planed this trip for 1 month, because my organisation and my magazine would I cover the last LPGA tournament of the year - Then I take advantage to stay one week to celebrate my first thanksgiving in Florida ! 

Want to know my “Trip Plan”?





Departure : Saturday November 16 at 11.55 a.m.


Transfer : Washington at 3:00 p.m.


Arrival : Fort Lauderdale - 8:15 p.m.

What I do for those 2 weeks?


Week 1 : I go to the CME Group for the last tournament for the lady, which takes place in Naples. After this tournament, all the players are on vacation for 1 month, more or less… I wanted to go, because it was the end of the players' season one of the biggest tournaments and best courses of the year! It is also the gathering of the entire golf industry that is found here on the Tiburon Golf Course in Florida!

During this week, I will be there to represent French women's golf for # Legolfaufeminin.


Week 2: The second week will be a little more chill. Monday I caddy a caddy, and then I play golf all week! I do not tell you more I let you see my adventures on my Instagram.


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